People, who practice the ancient art of divining, or divination, utilize pendulums as tools to obtain visible answers to questions or, in the case of medical intuitives, and other holistic healers, to find blocked chakras or paths of energy, and to help with determining what supplements a person's body needs to become healthy. There are also those who follow the Wiccan ways (a nature based philosophy). They use pendulums for different tasks, following their beliefs. Whatever the purpose, there is nothing quite as nice as a good quality wooden pendulum.

There are a lot of different pendulums out on the market including crystals, metals, stones, and some wood ones. The healers, whom I know, feel that there is something about the properties of wood that works for them and is best for plying their art. They tell me that wood doesn’t take on the energy of others and have also commented that they really like the solid weight and feel of my hardwood pendulums.

Wood can have many properties, including Masculine or Feminine; Planetary associations; Elemental properties of Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Spirit; and magical properties as well. If you are interested in what properties a certain wood has please feel free to contact me before you purchase your pendulum and I will provide what information I have.

My pendulums have a high quality friction finish, so as not to interfere with its own properties. The fittings: finial, knurled cap, chain and the decorative end cap are of gold-plated brass. Each pendulum is 2 ¼” from the tip of the finial to the top of the knurled cap, and is up to 7/8th” in diameter. The length of the chain, including the decorative end cap, is 4 ¼”. Included with your pendulum, is a very nice black velvet carrying bag.

Before I turn a new pendulum on the lathe I say the Pendulum Prayer over the wood. “Thank you for using your healing powers to assist others with finding the answers that they need. This will serve a higher good than when you were part of a tree.” Upon placing the wood blank on the lathe I ask the wood what shape it wants to be. I then get a mental picture, and the pendulum is transformed from the wood.

Instructions on Basic Pendulum Use:

There are many books out there about using, and for use with, your pendulum. One of our favorites is "Dowse This...Holistically Healthy". This is a book series by author Juanita Ott, published by Mirrorwaters (, and is a wonderful book full of charts on foods, supplements, allergens, and environmental areas where you can use your pendulum to find answers to help you, or others, become healthier. Another great reference source can be found at . This is the website for the American Dowsers Society. Once there, a wealth of books on the subject of pendulum use can be found.

Since pendulums work off of the body's own energy it is important to relax. Take a few deep cleansing breaths and get centered before starting. Also, try to clear your mind of cluttering thoughts.

For answering yes or no questions, you must first establish a baseline for what is a yes and what is a no answer. This should be done every time before each pendulum session. We do this by holding the pendulum chain between the thumb and index finger of one hand, allowing for about 2" of free chain between the hand and the pendulum. Dangle the pendulum over your other hand, open, with palm up. Make sure that the pendulum can swing freely.

Starting with a still pendulum, ask the pendulum "show me a yes". The pendulum should start swinging. This swing can be forward and back, back and forth, clockwise, or counter clockwise. Once you have a yes established, then still the pendulum and ask "show me a no". This will most likely be an opposite movement. My yes has always been forward and back, and my no has been back and forth. It may be different for you. Regardless of how it moves for you, your yes and no should be obviously different from one another.

If you are new to dowsing, keep working at it if you don't get a clear swing. In some cases we have found that you may have to teach your pendulum what is a yes and no. In this case you are actually teaching your inner being, not really the pendulum. To do this, you hold the pendulum the same way and by swinging the pendulum the way you want the yes to be, you tell it/ yourself "This is a yes". Still the pendulum and then repeat this procedure for the no movement. From there, your pendulum should begin working for you.

Once you have established what your yes and no are then you can begin using your pendulum to ask clear yes or no questions. If you don't get a defining answer, try asking the question in a different way. It's all about the question. If the question isn't right, or clear enough, then you are not going to get a good, clear answer. For example, we find that using the phrase "is this ________ beneficial for me" works well for foods and supplements.

A very useful article on how to use your pendulum entitled “Intuition Made Visible” can be found at