...About the Pens

The weight and feel of this pen suits me perfectly. It makes all the paperwork I have to do seem easier. I’m one of the few people I know of who still writes letters, especially to my family, and this pen adds to the pleasure I get from doing that.
~ Doug (an MD, who uses his fountain pen daily, hoping none of his patients walks off with it)

As soon as I saw the Caribbean Blue pen I knew it was the one for me. I feel so happy when I see it on my desk -- it's a beautiful reminder of water, sky and spaciousness. And it's fun to write with too!
~ Denise (a computer geek who uses her pen to stay connected with the analog world)

...About the Pendulums

I love my tulipwood pendulum! We feel bonded and it is doing nicely by me.
~ Barb (uses her pendulum in her consulting business)

My yes’s and no’s have always been clockwise and counter clockwise, and that’s been since the 2nd grade. My new Stan pendulum goes up/down and back and forth for yes and no. It seems very expressive too, big, medium, and small yes's and no's. It's the most "calibrated" pendulum I have ever picked up. I really like these new "Stan-dulums," thanks again.
~ Donna (uses her pendulum for all life questions)

As someone who uses a pendulum extensively, I can say that it matters what kind of pendulum I use. It needs to feel good in the hand, have a comfortable weight distribution for spinning and be beautiful to look at as well. Stan’s handcrafted pendulums meet these criteria 100%. Choosing from his many shapes and varieties of wood was not easy but once selected has provided added enjoyment to the very personal art of dowsing. They are simply the best I have ever found and I am extremely grateful.
~ Cindy (uses her pendulum for personal and holistic healing purposes)

Stan’s pendulums are works of art. The quality is top-notch. They would make an ideal present for anyone who is interested in the art of dowsing through the use of a pendulum.
~ Bob (uses his pendulum in his work as a medical intuitive and dowser, and also the person who brought the idea of making them to my attention)